YALLFest Returns

YALLFestY’all, the second annual YALLFest was a blast! I could probably just cut and paste my post about last year’s YALLFest here because it was the same type of awesomeness: funny and inspiring YA authors on stage and bonding with old and new writing friends. But instead of being lazy, I’ll try to come up with new superlatives to describe this year’s event.  

First of all, you have to check out the incredible lineup – it’s kind of mind blowing! There were 47 YA authors there and 25 of them are New York Times bestsellers – that’s a lot of writing talent in one location. I was excited to see all of them, but as a long-time fan of the show Bones, I was especially jazzed to see Kathy Reichs.  
The one drawback of having so many talented people in one place was that there were three panels happening at each time period, so without Hermione’s time turner, it was impossible to see everyone. So on Friday night, I printed out the YALLFest schedule and utilized several colors of highlighters to map out my plan of attack to get the most bang for my buck (Except not really, because the absolute best part about YALLFest? All that awesomeness was FREE!!). By Saturday morning, I was prepped and ready for my mission: absorb as much inspiration as possible from these YA writing luminaries. 
Fortunately I also had a number of partners in crime to share the day with: Kathleen Fox, Lisa Downey, Jillian Gregory Utley, Rebecca Petruck, Rebecca Enzor, Leah Rhyne, Kami Kinard, and new writing friend Laura Moss. It was so much fun to meet up throughout the day to chat about the panels we had just attended and compare notes. The keynote session was with Cassandra Clare and Holly Black discussing literary friendships, and I have to admit listening to them talk about the love and support of writer friends as I sat in the audience with my fantastic writer friends made me a tad teary.
Late in the afternoon there was finally a break, so some of us headed to Rue de Jean for a drink, where we started a new tradition of “serious” writerly discussions over wine and French fries. Thanks to Kathleen for the picture of Lisa, Laura, Rebecca E, me, and Rebecca P. Just like Kami (who made the leap from audience member last year to panelist this year – so cool!), I know others in this group will be on the YALLFest stage in future years – I just hope one of them is me!
YALLFest Gals
YALLFest really is a fantabulous event – both for readers and writers. The authors were very generous in sharing information about their ups and downs before they were published, their writing processes, and other fun stories. Plus Charleston is a fabulous place to visit in the fall. Thank you so much to Jonathan Sanchez of Blue Bicycle Books and Margaret Stohl for organizing such a fantastic event! They have already decided on November 9th for next year’s festival, so mark your calendars – I hope to see y'all there!
Were you able to attend this year’s YALLFest? What was the best piece of advice/inspiration you heard? Are you planning to attend next year?


kamikinard's picture

So great to see you there! I love your write up, it is awesome! Want to hear about your critique session!

Valued Visitor's picture

I learned lots, but the best part was seeing all the friendships and renewing my own--and making new ones! It was great to see you!

Rebecca Petruck's picture

Yes! I am a valued visitor! Wahoo!

Rebecca Enzor's picture

I have to admit, hanging out for drinks was my favorite part of the day too! And now I'm stealing your writer friends so it becomes one giant writer orgy! Um, you know, without the sex :P

Michelle's picture

That sounds awesome! A writers festival! You are sooooo lucky... I don't think such an event exists in my part of the world. *sigh*

Tamara's picture

I went with my family and we had the BEST time. YA Smackdown was hilarious. Next year I hope to know more people so I have some writer friends to hang out with while I'm there. hint. hint. :)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Kami - It was great to see you too, even if only for a few minutes.  I'll send you an email about my pitch session.
Rebecca P - It was great to see you too, and of course you're a valued visitor!
Rebecca E - Yay for non-sexual writer orgies!  :-)
Michelle - It was awesome, and I still can't believe it happens just 30 minutes down the road from me.
Tamara - The Smackdown was hilarious! And we will definitely have to make sure we meet up next year!

Alex J. Cavanaugh's picture

Glad you had a good time! I've read three different posts about this event and none of you know each other. That must mean it's huge.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Since it happens right down the road from me, I didn't realize how big it was until I started seeing on social media people traveling from all over to be there. It was pretty awesome!

Jennifer Lane's picture

Hi Jocelyn,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This was my first year attending YALL Fest but I'd like to return since it was so fun. Another author from my publisher and I spent the day selling and giving away books, but I did make it to one panel--Writing the Real--and really enjoyed it. Gayle Forman is so well spoken!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I didn't make it to that panel, but I saw Gayle on another panel, and she was great.  I was impressed with all of them - public speaking terrifies me!

Medeia Sharif's picture

Seeing posts like these make me wish I had been at these events. Thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Medeia, you'll have to make the trek next year!

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