Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 159

15 Minute Tweet TalesWell that’s weird. I just reread my tweet tales for the past week, and I have two that revolve around wedgies. I’m not sure why I have wedgies on the brain. Maybe this is a sign I should write a story for middle grade boys?? Who knows! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week’s 15 Minute Tweet Tales:
2/4 - He got down on bended knee but was such a klutz he fell off pier. She jumped in to save him. Ring at bottom of the sea. She still said yes.
2/5 - Tim enjoyed being in The Sound of Music. Until he tried on his lederhosen. It basically gave the bully a handle to assist with wedgies.
2/6 - A guy bumps her, and she orders date to go mano a mano to defend her honor. The guy's muscles indicate the sex isn't hot enough for that. 
2/7 - If she'd known screen name was really a nom de guerre in war against stupidity, she'd have picked one more intimidating than ILoveCats31.
2/8 - He'd searched far and wide to fill his house with objets trouvés. But his kids lacked artistic vision and called Hoarders to help him.
2/9 - She laughs when told how much she'll make per annum then cries when told what she has to do. But tired of being hungry, she says yes.   
2/10 - Tim worked out quid pro quo with Butch: he gave him lunch money, Butch didn't give him a wedgie. Worth going hungry to safeguard crotch.
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?


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I knew most of these, but I'll click on the links for the others.

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Fun tweets. I know many of these too, which is nice for a change.

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2/8 really cracked me up! I'm sure 2/4 really has happened to some people who thought a beach proposal would be a good idea. Great tales! Have a wonderful week! :)

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Middle Grade? Yeah, you'd totally kill it.

Jess@Fairday's Blog's picture

I knew all of these but two! That is awesome for me. :) Fabulous tweets. :)

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Ha! I love that you were wedgie-obsessed! Yes, middle-school boys are the perfect audience for it, too. My favorite one was still your first, though. It's a whole story, all put into one little tweet! Sweet and romantic, too!

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Thanks, y'all, for stopping by!

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