Tweet Tales Tue-- Wednesday Week 225

15 Minute Tweet TalesAck! For the first time in the four and a half years I’ve been doing 15 Minute Tweet Tales, I completely forgot to post a word or do a blog post yesterday. I feel like I’ve completely let myself down. I had this habit that kept me writing fiction no matter what, and I totally whiffed on it. It was easier to remember when I did it every day because it was part of my daily routine. Now that it’s only once a week, I find myself forgetting a lot. Although I usually do remember before the day is over. I guess I was in a complete fugue state yesterday because when I finally thought of it a few minutes ago, I truly thought today was Tuesday. I’m a mess, y’all!
Anyway, without any further ado about my mental state, here is this week’s 15 Minute Tweet Tales word:
kummerspeck - excess weight gained due to emotional overeating
5/17-18 - She runs a hand over her kummerspeck. She's always been alarmingly thin. Who would've guessed his dumping her would end up a good thing?
Play along and write a tweet tale for the above word. If you’re willing to share, post it on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add it below in the comments because I’d love to read your tales. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tale or #15tt word?