A Place of Honor

I bought my domain name two years ago, but I didn’t know anything about building a website.  So I created this little animated clip with the help of a fun website called xtranormal to be the placeholder on the site until I had the time and knowhow to make the real one.  To my embarrassed dismay, that took much longer than I anticipated; however, with a lot of help and patience from my brother Brian, I now have an honest-to-goodness working website.  Although this little movie has a special place in my heart, since it was long the lone emissary for jocelynrish.com, so I’m keeping it here for sentimental reasons.



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I love all teh fun things you can do with xtranormal. My daughter and I use it to make silly movies together.

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Yeah, it's a lot of fun, and surprisingly easy to use. 

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I remember the Christmas video you made for your cat movie a few years ago with these cartoon characters. That was funny.

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I'm glad you liked it.  We had fun putting it together.  :-)

If anyone else wants to see it you can view it at: http://sayinggoodbyemovie.com/content/happy-holidays-death-cat

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