A New (mini) Campaign

Fourth Writers' Platform CampaignThe internet can be a vast and scary place, yet ironically it has become a great place for a shy and introverted gal like yours truly to meet new people.  Last fall I participated in Rachael Harrie’s Third Writers' Platform-Building Campaign and met a bunch of fun people.  And as is the goal of this social networking thingamajig, one of those fun people (K.T. Hanna) has helped me meet even more fun people.  

In January, K.T. started #writemotivation to bring writers together to cheer each other on to meet the goals we set for ourselves.  Although I didn’t meet one of my big goals, with the encouragement of these new enthusiastic friends, I met a lot of my other goals.  And as a late #writemotivation check-in, I DID finish my story for the Highlights Fiction Contest and zipped it over to the post office with just a few hours to spare until the final pick-up of the day.  Whoo hoo!  

I want to thank K.T. again for being the captain of the #writemotivation cheerleading squad.  I think she must be made entirely of positive energy.  Not only does she make truly impressive progress on her own projects, she is always there with an encouraging word for the rest of us.  And to bring things full circle, I just found out she’s helping Rachael with the Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign, which starts today.

The fourth campaign is going to be a mini-campaign running from February 6th to March 17th.  I’ve signed up again, although this time I’m not signing up for as many groups.  I was so excited last time, I signed up for three groups, and it became overwhelming trying to keep up with everyone, so I’m trying to keep things more realistic this time.  

Here’s how Rachael describes the campaign:

“Basically, the Campaign is a way to link those of us in the writing community together with the aim of helping to build our online platforms. The Campaigners are all bloggers in a similar position, who genuinely want to pay it forward, make connections and friends within the writing community, and help build each others' online platforms while at the same time building theirs.”
I’m looking forward to meeting more new people, and if you’re interested, you can sign up here.
For those of you stopping by my blog for the first time because of the Campaign, here’s a quick introduction: I write novels, short stories, and screenplays; and in the last two years I’ve started dabbling in making short films.  I’ve had a few short stories published, but my first love is writing YA novels in the genres of thriller, suspense, and horror.  In the non-writing part of my life, I watch an alarming amount of television and also give my Netflix subscription a robust workout.  I’m also an animal lover with a menagerie of pets; and, yes, I’m one of those people who puts party hats on their dogs and makes them “cakes” for their birthdays.
Are you excited about the mini-campaign?  What are you hoping to get out of it? Did you participate in previous Campaigns?  


Alessa's picture

I signed up for the campaign. I joined 2 groups. We'll see how it goes.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Yay! I guess it depends on which two groups - the YA group is already insanely long and that's the one I joined, Uh oh!

Adriana's picture

I joined! I didn't see anything about groups, though. Does she send that to you in a separate email? It sounds like fun! :)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Hurray! Rachael has the form to fill out to join and then a place to sign up for groups.  Here's the link to the groups: http://rachaelharrie.blogspot.com/p/list-of-campaigners-fourth-campaign.html

K.T. Hanna's picture

Wow... Thank you. This sort of thing makes me cry. I'm not good with compliments. Um... So yeah, my husband just said: THAT'S where you put all your good energy. LOL.
He didn't quite mean it ;)

I'm so happy you've been able to achieve your goals. I know you can keep it up. The Campaign is going to be awesome and we'll still have #writemotivation to cheer us on :D

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Aww, I didn't mean to make you cry.  But I wanted to bounce some of your positive vibes back at you to make sure you don't run out. :-)

Rachel Morgan's picture

Oh, you sound just like Rach with the YA horror interest! Eeek, I don't know how you guys don't scare yourselves at night! Hehe ;-) I'm in the YA group with you. Film-making sounds awesome. Go you.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I've loved horror movies since I was probably too young to be watching them. :-)  The filmmaking has been a lot of fun - thanks!

Michelle's picture

Hi! I'm in the YA group with you. I'm just stopping by to say "hi."



Jocelyn Rish's picture

Nice to meet you, Michelle!

Rachel Morgan's picture

Hey again! I tagged you on my blog to answer some questions about yourself :-)

xx Rachel

Fairview Fairview's picture

Hi Jocelyn,
We're in the same YA group. Been following since last campaign and enjoy reading your posts. Looking forward to the challenges.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Fairview!  Glad to be sharing a group with you again.  I'm excited about the challenges too!

Alynza's picture

Hi there! I'm in the same Group3 with you. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Good luck and have fun with the campaign challenges. :)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I love the name Alynza (sticking in character name file).  Hello back and good luck to you, too!

Jessica Therrien's picture

Hey! YAY Campaign time :) Can't wait to read your challenges!

Also, my book comes out in 17 days!! Can you believe it?! Thanks for helping me spread the word! http://jessica-therrien.blogspot.com/

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Yay, another familiar Campaign face!  I can't believe your book is so close to coming out - so excited for you and can't wait to read it!

Kerri's picture

Stopping by from the Campaign to say hello and, yes, totally excited!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Hey Kerri, nice to meet you!

Miranda Hardy's picture

Thanks for stopping by. The campaign should be great. Glad to meet you and I look forward to your posts.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Hey Miranda, nice to meet you, too!

Komal's picture

Hi, Jocelyn! It's so nice to meet you!

I promise you, fish and ice cream isn't one of my best discoveries but mango with chilli and salt is delicious!

I'm a new follower too. :)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I'd be willing to try the mango with chilli, but not the fish and ice cream.  :-)

Lynda R. Young's picture

Great to meet you! I tried following your blog but there is something going on with the Google Friends Connect widget at the moment. It's just not updating correctly.

I've taken part in all the campaigns and have loved all of them. Meeting new friends is the best.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

That GFC has always been a pain on my site - I think it's because I'm not using one of the main blogging sites.  I'm almost kind of glad it's going away.  But thanks for trying! :-)

Lola Sharp's picture

Thanks for visiting my blog on the Campaign trail. Nice to follow it back here to you. :)

Have a lovely week,

Jocelyn Rish's picture

You have a great week, too!

Morgan Shamy's picture

Yaaaay for the campaign! I've loved it so far. New follower here via GFC. Looks like a fab blog, I look forward to your posts! :D

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks!  And the campaign is so much fun!

natasha's picture

Welcome to the campaign. This is my third time. Love it.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

It's always a lot of fun!

Cherie Reich's picture

I'm dropping by from the Campaign and am now following. :)

This is my second Campaign, but it's always good to see new faces joining in as well as some of the former ones (heh, don't want to call them old, I suppose).

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Yeah, the (giant!) YA group this time is a nice mix of people I met last time and new faces.

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