Monday Movie Madness and #writemotivation

Since the months continue to whip by at a most alarming rate, it means it’s already time for another #writemotivation goal check month. I’m starting to feel a little bit like this:

… except it's more like: Gee, Jocelyn, what are your goals for this goal check month? The same thing I do every month, Muse, try to finish rewriting my WIP! At this point I’m starting to fear I’m much closer to Pinkie’s insanity that Brain’s genius, but like Brain, I won’t let that stop me from trying again and again and again.
This time I’ve added a few other goals to the list, so I’ll have the satisfaction of crossing something off the to-do list:
1. Revise at least three pages a day in my WIP.
2. Post two blog posts a week.
3. Spruce up at least one of my short stories and submit it for publication.
4. Finish reviewing critique partner’s novel.
I already know I’m going to fall way behind this week revising three pages a day because I’m leaving on Wednesday to go to Washington, D.C. And why am I taking this trip to the nation’s capitol? Because my second short film High Heels & Hoodoo is having its World Premiere this weekend at the DC Shorts Film Festival – whoo hoo! It’s a really great fest, and my brother and I are super excited to be part of it. My sister is even joining us to make it sibling road trip. Parties and workshops and movies, oh my! If any of you live in the DC area, come out and see the film – I’d love to meet you in person! Click here for details about the screening.
In other movie news, it’s now been two weeks since we made our first short film Saying Goodbye available for public viewing. The response has been so amazing! We’ve received emails from people, many of them strangers, sharing stories about how the film reminded them of their last moments with loved ones – I even had to break out the Kleenex while reading some of them. Here is a sample of some of the kind words:
“A story simply and beautifully told about a subject that's hard to face, but is so important to face.”
“I watched as the tears ran down my cheek in memory of those I have loved and who have earned their wings.”
“This film made me cry, sad and happy all at the same time.”
“…it’s a reminder of why we love film so much. Sometimes movies tap into our emotions in an important way.”
I share these not (just) to toot my own horn (although it’s fun to have a reason to!), but because this whole movie-making adventure has been a path on my writing journey that I never expected. I write horror and thriller stories for young adults. That’s what I love to do, and I never planned to write anything else. But this story came to me out of the blue, and even more unexpectedly came the opportunity to turn it into a movie (if you want the longer story about those events, click here). To now hear about the ways the story is touching people is truly rewarding. The entire experience has taught me to stretch my writing in ways I never dreamed, and I hope it encourages you to try new forms, styles, and genres of writing, too.
If you’re interested in watching Saying Goodbye, it’s only sixteen minutes long and available for free at:  If you enjoy it, please share the link with family and friends – thank you!!
Are you participating in #writemotivation this time? Are you expecting obstacles in meeting your goals? Have you experimented with writing beyond your usual style and genre? Have you watched Saying Goodbye yet, and if not, why the heck not?!?


Medeia Sharif's picture

I love Pinky & the Brain.

Saying Goodbye was very moving.

Good luck on your goals.

Angela Brown's picture

You'll do great!

And it's wonderful to have that reminder of WHY you do what you do. Great comments you shared.

Mia K Rose's picture

Great news about your Short Films, and great to hear it has expanded and improved you as a writer. We never stop learning and expanding do we?

Good luck with your #writemotivation goals and all the best to getting a short story published.

Cheyenne Campbell's picture

Congratulations on your film's premiere! I'm heading over to watch Saying Goodbye after this. I graduated with a film degree a few years ago and had one short in a film festival and it was both exciting and embarrassing ;) I haven't been involved in a film in awhile and I do miss editing which I adore (and am terribly rusty with now). The artistic environment and community at uni was priceless (as were the kit resources!). I really do miss that time but love seeing others' work!

And I'm with you on the Pinky thing... been trying to get my WIP first draft finished but an older manuscript that I'm querying keeps stopping me from making headway on the new one. Must finish old one FOR GOOD. :) Good luck this month!

Valerie Lawson's picture

(looove pinky and the brain)
my best friend also writers screenplays and is working on producing his own short film right now. the whole process is so different. i love learning about it through him. good luck at the festival! and of course good luck with your goals.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks for the comments everyone!  And I'm so glad to see there are others out there who fondly remember Pinky and the Brain.  :-)

MAJK's picture

"I’m starting to fear I’m much closer to Pinkie’s insanity that Brain’s genius"

Oh no, dear. Pinky was the genius - Brain was insane ;) People always confused that LOL

I'm so glad you are participating in #Writemotivation!


Jocelyn Rish's picture

Genius and Insanity: too closely linked to figure out which one you've got until history judges you. 

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