Jumping Back on the #writemotivation Train

#writemotivationI was around for the early days of #writemotivation and met so many wonderful people through it, but I eventually drifted away because of my own failings. Month after month I set the same goal: finish rewriting my WIP. And then month after month I spent more time making excuses about why I wasn’t getting it done than, you know, actually doing it. 
Here were all these kind and generous people cheering me on and instead of employing some self-discipline, I was constantly distracted by new and shiny things. It made me feel guilty that they were wasting their enthusiasm on me, so I slunk away like a coward so I wouldn’t have to ‘look them in the eyes’ and admit that procrastination was getting the better of me. 
But I’m back!!!!
In that time away, I’ve actually made some really solid progress on my WIP. It’s been super slow, but I’m really happy with the changes I’ve made to my novel. This week I passed the halfway point, and even though it’s taken me almost a year to reach it, I’m going to be super bold and make just one goal for this month:
Really and truly, no take backs this time, finally finish the rewrite of The Drama Queen Who Cried Wolf.
Considering my progress up until now, that might seem a bit crazy, but I have two reasons I think I can really push myself this August.
1. The first half was the part that really needed help, as in ‘completely sliced and diced it and wrote a bunch of new chapters from scratch’ help. The second half only needs some tweaking and tightening, so the going should be much faster. 
2. If you didn’t see my announcement last week, I just won the SCBWI WIP grant for contemporary novel (Whoo hoo! And, yes, I will be looking for a way to fit that exciting news into all my posts for the rest of the year!). This is the type of honor that can open doors, but only if I’m ready to walk through them, and unfortunately I’m still standing on the sidewalk. So I have more drive than ever to finish the rewrite ASAP so I don’t miss any potential opportunities. 
It’s going to be a tough month for me as I force my nose to the grindstone even when the TV or video games or twitter or my doggies beckon me. But it feels different this time – I really believe I can do it. And I’m looking forward to cheering everyone on knowing we’re all on this crazy ride together.
Are you participating in #writemotivation this time? Have you participated in the past? What methods do you use to keep your butt in the chair when distractions call your name?
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Image courtesy of Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.