Jeans and Genes

Lily with the letter JOn this Willy-nilly Wednesday, I’m talking about jeans.  And not just any ol’ jeans.... On my most recent birthday, I opened a present from my brother and sister to discover a pair of pajama jeans.  I didn’t know what to think.  In fact, my heart kind of sank: I’d become the type of person my siblings thought should own a pair of pajama jeans - that couldn’t be a good thing.  I’d seen the infomercials, I’d heard comedians make fun of them, and they seemed like the ultimate symbol of, “Hey, I’ve given up and don’t give a crap anymore.”

After I quit work to write full time, I tried not to let myself become a pajama-wearing hermit.  Even though I’d prefer to stay in my PJs all day, I change into actual clothes every morning.  Now I’ll admit I put on equally comfy items like yoga pants or jogging clothes, but I do maintain the distinction between sleeping clothes and being awake clothes.  And when I leave the house, even for a quick trip to pick up some milk, I fancy myself up by putting on a pair of jeans and smearing on some lipstick. So even though I’m not wearing the professional outfits and full makeup I used to wear, I’ve tried not to descend into complete lazy-slob mode.  That’s why when I opened that box to find the pajama jeans, I worried I’d let myself go more than I thought.  

But I’m not gonna lie – those things are awesome!  They are so comfortable, and unless you’re up close, you really can’t tell they’re not real jeans.  So now when I’m out in the yard and see my neighbors, I don’t feel that twinge of embarrassment I did with my other comfy pants.  The best part?  They make my butt look AMAZING! Seriously.  My butt has always been a problem area.  In my teens and twenties, it was so nonexistent it was practically concave.  As I've put on extra pounds in my thirties, it skipped over juicy and went straight to flabby.  However, the pajama jeans make my butt look round and firm - I guess it’s both the cut and the stretchy material.  I haven’t been brave enough to wear them out and about yet, but if I can’t find a regular pair of jeans that makes my hind end look that great, then you might spot me prancing around town in a pair of pajama jeans.  

And while we’re on the subject of jeans, it’s time to reveal the Rish family dog genes.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!  It’s been fun seeing all the guesses.  They were in line with the breeds we guessed before we got the results, especially so many picks of Labrador for Bailey and Freya.  In fact, we figured they were both Husky/Lab mixes, so similar to other designer mutts being crossbred, we called them our Huskadors  – but it turns out not a drop of Lab between them.  The results show just how sneaky genes can be!

Although they use drawings rather than actual photos, I’ve pulled the official breed pictures from the American Kennel Club site.

Here’s the key for the breed ratio (the letter in parenthesis after the breed):
S = Significant – at least 50% of the dog’s DNA matches this breed
I  = Intermediate – at least 25% of the dog’s DNA matches this breed
M = Minor – at least 12.5% of the dog’s DNA matches this breed

1. Bailey 

German Shepherd Dog Siberian Husky Icelandic Sheepdog
German Shepherd Dog (I) + Siberian Husky (I) + Icelandic Sheepdog (I)
2. Chloe 
American Staffordshire Terrier Skye Terrier Great Dane
American Staffordshire Terrier (S) + Skye Terrier (M) + Great Dane (M)
3. Freya
Siberian Husky Poodle Chow Chow
Siberian Husky (S) + Miniature Poodle (M) + Chow Chow (M)
4. Lily  
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever (S)
5. Molly 
Basset Hound Chow Chow
Basset Hound (I) + Chow Chow (I)
Some pretty crazy results!  Like Chloe, whose coat is so thin she’s practically bald, having Skye Terrier in her.  And Freya, who weighs 90 pounds, having miniature poodle in her.  But there were some results that made a lot of sense.  My parents adopted Lily from a Golden Retriever rescue group who said they thought she was purebred even though they didn’t have papers for her and that looks likely.  And although we weren’t previously familiar with the Icelandic Sheepdog, it goes a long way toward explaining Bailey’s coat and color and tail (which you can’t see in the picture).
And now for the moment y'all have been waiting for – the reveal of the winner! Turns out it was a tie!  So I’ll send both winners a DVD copy of Saying Goodbye. And the winners are…
Congrats, ladies!  I’ll be sending you an email.
Have you ever worn pajama jeans or do you think they are a crime against fashion?  Was the reveal of the dog breeds surprising or can you see some of the genes shining through?  How Jovial is Lily with her letter J?


Donna McNicol's picture

Okay, I admit that I was tempted by the jammie I may try them. ;-)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Do it! You know you want to! :-)

Morgan Shamy's picture

LOL! I've got to get me a pair of those jeans! Love it. Very entertaining post, Jocelyn! :D

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I forgot to mention they are kind of fuzzy inside, which increases the comfort factor by about 1000.  And thanks!

Elizabeth Twist's picture

I am basically planning - not tempted, PLANNING - to order a pair of pajama jeans now. They look like a fancied up pair of yoga pants to me...and basically jeans suck when you are over 35. Because of...certain factors.

Also, wow! The dogs' genetic legacies are right out there. Great dane? Really? Random. How do a Basset Hound and a Chow get together? (Under the fence, probably, right?) Amazing. Regardless, they are great dogs.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Yoga pants that are soft and fuzzy on the inside!  :-)

Molly's the one that completely surprised us (Basset Hound and Chow, what?!?).  We thought Shepherd and Beagle, and our vet even thought some Rottie, but neither of her actual breeds ever made the guess list.  And they really are sweeties no matter what the breed.

john myers's picture

Great read Jocelyn! I must be living under a rock because I've never even heard of pajama jeans!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

You have an excuse since you're a guy.  I don't even know if they make them for guys, but I can't see guys geeking out over comfy jeans like us gals. 

Jaye Robin Brown's picture

What? No picture of the pajama jeans? come on now.

I've often wondered about those doggy DNA tests. Interesting results, for sure.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I thought about posting a picture of the pajama jeans, but I already had so many of the dogs.  Plus, I wasn't posting a picture of my butt in them, since then people might tell me I was deluding myself about looking good in them.  :-)

Valued Visitor's picture

That was AWESOME. Love the gene-guessing game on your pups. Most fun I've had all day and, trust me, I've had some fun today!!!!
And pajama jeans rock!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks!  I had so much fun with this post, so I'm glad to hear people enjoyed it.  

Cathy Olliffe-Webster's picture

Valued visitor? That's me. Sigh.. it's late... Time to put those pajama jeans to their intended use...

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Hee!  I've never actually slept in mine... must uphold the line between day clothes and night clothes! :-)

Sheenah Freitas's picture

"The best part? They make my butt look AMAZING!" LOL.

Pajama jeans are the last thing I need. Since I've been writing full time, I've started wearing more skirts and comfy pants around the house. If I'm going to go out in public though, I make sure I look presentable. Not gonna lie, sometimes whatever I'm wearing makes it to bed with me. It happens. Especially when the book you're reading for research is really BORING. But the information is good if, you know, I can manage to keep my eyes open.

Really looking forward to watching your film! I still can't believe I won!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Gotta be comfy when writing!   Don't want to distract the muse with tight britches. :-)

Congrats again on winning!

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