Dead Ewoks Everywhere

Molly with the letter DFor the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I’m having Fun with Fonts. Each day I’ll feature a few I like based on either the look of the font or its name. I’ll also pick a font to inspire one of my tweet tales

I have to say, as I scrolled through the D fonts, I was kind of disappointed. For A, B, and C, there were so many I thought looked cool or different or had names I loved that I spent most of my time just trying to narrow down my favorites to a manageable amount. But even though D had a ton of choices, there weren’t many that struck my fancy. 

The first one I’m presenting is one I don’t even particularly like, I just thought it was funny to have a font available that is even worse than my own handwriting (which is pretty terrible). So here’s Dirty Cursive for your enjoyment.
Dirty Cursive
Next up is Dearest Dorothy – I really liked all the curly cues on this one. 
Dearest Dorothy
Delirium is interesting because even though the form of the font itself is relatively plain, the uppercase letters face the correct way, while the 'lowercase' letters are backwards. The backwards letters really help convey that sense of confusion that comes with delirium.
And here’s Driftwood – it’s one of those where the look of the letters is all right there in the name.
For my tweet tale inspiration, I’m using Dead Ewoks Everywhere. It’s another where the font itself isn’t very special (it even has a similar lumpy look to Delirium), but the name is a real doozy. It’s so random I can’t even imagine the thought process that led to giving a font that name. Between the wide font and the long name, the whole name doesn't even fit in the example image. 
Dead Ewoks Everywhere
When I go into the groomers, it looks like dead ewoks everywhere. I gather the fur and make sweaters to sell to rich people with chihuahuas.
What do you think of these fonts? Do they inspire any stories in your mind? How Delightful is Molly with her letter D?


Duncan's picture

Well, I see what you mean when younsay that there weren't so many interesting D fonts compared to the previous ones. I guess Driftwood would be good for posters.

Patricia Lynne's picture

Dead Ewoks Everywhere is quite the name. o.O I bet there's a story behind it too. Or maybe I'll just make one up. ;)

~Patricia Lynne~
Story Dam
Patricia Lynne, YA Author

Lexa Cain's picture

I really like the Dearest Dorothy one. Your story about dead Ewoks and rich people with chihuahuas cracked me up! So silly! :)

Glenda Cates's picture

Some of these was cute but my favorite was Dorothy and one I would not mind using. But the dirty one does remind me of my hand writing and so I would stay away from it

Allyson's picture

I really like Dearest Dorothy.

Medeia Sharif's picture

Dearest Dorothy looks charming, but I don't know what I'd use it for. Dirty Cursive is my favorite out of these.

Theawsomedish 's picture

I like the picture of the dog. Pretty cool! Dirty wood is kinda neat.

maggie winter's picture

Wow they are great...yes they are inspiring..may have to wait till May!
On the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

Courtney Turner's picture

Dirty Cursive is cool. I just heard on NPR that they some schools are not teaching cursive anymore! It shocked me. Seems like it's a worthwhile skill to have and to be able to read.

Aloha! Maui Jungalow

Lacey Dearie's picture

I really liked Dearest Dorothy, although I can't imagine using it for anything other than a sign or header.

Kate's picture

Driftwood is kind of cool but not really everyday usable!

Chrys Fey's picture

Dearest Dorothy is pretty, but I really like Drift Wood. :)

Michelle Wallace's picture

Driftwood is a great visual!
I think Dirty Cursive makes all cursive writers who don't like their handwriting, feel better...

Crystal Collier's picture

Ah! I love all of those, especially the first three. Must have... Delirium looks like something my 7 year old would come up with.

Carrie-Anne's picture

My favorite is Dearest Dorothy. It would be a really nice title page/book cover typeface.

My personal favorite D font is Didot.

Somber Scribbler's picture

I don't like the name of the Dead Ewok font. My cat's name is Ewok. Great site for fonts though. Love the dogs with letter pics! Happy A-Z!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Looks like Dearest Dorothy is the winner from this group.

Our local schools aren't teaching cursive anymore either, and I'm kind of appalled by that fact.

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!

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