Cover Reveal for Undead America: No Angels

Today I’m honored to participate in the cover reveal for Leah Rhyne’s novel Undead America: No Angels. I first met Leah at Blackbaud, the computer software company where I used to work. We spent years hunched over computers testing education software before I found out that we both spent our weekends hunched over computers writing novels. Not only that, we share a love of horror, which Leah gleefully demonstrated in her debut novel Zombie Days, Campfire Nights.
Leah has been hard at work on the second book in her Undead America series, and it's now time to reveal its cover:
Undead America: No Angels
I like how everything is in silhouette because I think it gives it a more sinister feel - especially with those perfect-for-horror colors. So what's this creepy novel all about? Here's the synopsis:
Jenna, Sam and Lola were lucky to survive the horrors of a zombie-filled New Orleans, but they still have a lot to learn about living in Undead America.
First, you can never let your guard down.  Even when you think you're safe, dangers lurk around every corner. Sometimes the dangers are from the undead, but more often they're from the living.
Next, it's easier to inspire a group to fight for their lives than to lead them through everyday hardship. For Jenna, the pressure of managing an ever-growing group of survivors may be too much to survive.
And finally, in Undead America, no one is quite what they seem. Everyone has something to hide. 
From the bowels of a rundown farmhouse to the plains of Nebraska, from a leather-clad human monster to the tiniest of child zombies, there are truly no angels.
Since Leah is dropping by my blog at the same time as all the YALLFest authors, I thought it would be fun to ask her the same questions they’ve been answering.
What one thing do you need to have when you write?
A glass of water. Not lying. I can’t write without it.
Describe your book in 5 words
Five words? Really? :D Ok, I’ll try.
Post-zombies, fear the living!
There. I did it in four.
What is the hardest line to write - the first or the last?
The last. I am TERRIBLE at ending things. I always have this knee-jerk reaction to end with a bang or a twist, when sometimes a story just needs to end gracefully. I’m not exactly graceful.
Best writing tip you ever received?
Don’t sweat the first draft. Get the story out, don’t let anyone see it, and you can fix it later.
Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.
1.    The word most commonly used to describe me is “cute.” I am not, however, a fluffy little puppy.
2.    I can’t stand to have anyone or anything touch my neck.
3.    My name has two syllables – Leeee-ah. If you call me Lee, I won’t answer.
4.    I know every word to the soundtrack of Rent.
5.    I have an overwhelming fear of vomit. Seriously. It’s paralyzing.
Where's your favorite place to write?
The right-most cushion of the couch in my living room. I have an end table beside me (for my water, of course), and there’s usually something going on in the room around me. Cats, dogs, husband, kid – I’m never alone here. I guess I’m a social writer.
What are you working on now?
I’m editing The Mothers Club, my first ever straight-up sci-fi novel. A group of women comes together to survive in a city under siege on a planet on the other side of the universe. (That’s not the official pitch…just a general description.) I love it though. These women? They’re my favorite people I’ve ever written.
At what point in the development of an idea do you know that it will become a full-length novel?
I have no idea! Usually, when I have an idea, it comes to me as “this is a book idea” or “this is a shortie idea.” I don’t necessarily know why, I just know the amount of time I’m willing to invest in a particular thought. “This thought only gets a couple days.” “Oooh, this one gets a few months.” Make sense? 
Thanks, Leah, for the extra insight! And now here’s her official bio:
Leah Rhyne is a Jersey girl who’s lived in the South for long enough to say “ma’am” without irony. By day, she’s a writer, wife, and mom to a fantastically cool little girl. In her spare time, she loves to read, run and play fetch with her hound dog. 
Leah grew up watching science fiction and horror flicks with her dad and brothers, and is most at home writing about monster-slaying and searching for lost universes.
You can find Leah at her website, on twitter, and on facebook.
What do you think about the cover? Are you a fan of zombies?