Bedazzling Buckles

My theme for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is contronyms. A contronym is a word with multiple meanings that are opposites, making it its own antonym. Click here to find out more about these quirky words.
Today’s contronym is buckle, which turns out to have several definitions and more than one pair of opposites.
Bedazzled Belt
Photo credit: Brano Hudak
Buckle - to fasten, hold together, connect
Every time Jimmy’s mom caught him with his pants hanging past his butt, she made him buckle them with her bedazzled belt as punishment.
~ or ~
Buckle - to collapse, fall apart, break
Simone sat in Blake’s lap to seduce him, but the chair buckled underneath them – emergency room visits were not sexy.
~ and ~
Buckle - to apply oneself with vigor
Emma’s dad made a flippant promise to buy her a car if she got straight A’s her senior year, so she buckled down and studied for the first time in her life, completely shocking him and his bank account.
~ or ~

Bailey with the letter B

Buckle - to give way, yield
When the crisis started, the boss buckled and hid under his desk, leaving his assistant to prove she was always the brains behind his success.
In both of these pairs, one definition is about strength and one is about weakness. In the first pair, it’s about physical power, whereas the second pair is about internal fortitude. I wonder if there’s a term for a contronym with multiple opposing definitions. I say we make up our own – how about über-contronymy or extra-contronymized?
Are you familiar with contronyms? There are other ‘B’ contronyms out there, can you think of any? Any naming suggestions for contronyms with multiple opposing pairs? How Beautiful is Bailey with her letter B?
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Julie Jordan Scott's picture

I have never heard of contronyms before so this makes me very excited. I love words... and when I read in a rather old dictionary about the history of antonyms and synonyms I was very excited. NOW! The delight of contronyms has me really excited (which is challenging this early in the day!)

Julie Jordan Scott

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Julie You Jest's picture

I'd never heard of contronyms.  This is fun and educational!  

Also, such a cute dog!  

Patricia Lynne's picture

Ha! I love the setence example for the first definition.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Two Julies in a row!

Julie Jordan Scott - I know, I felt the same way when I discovered contronyms. And I was so excited A to Z was just around the corner so I could geek out about them even more.  :-)

Julie You Jest - Bailey is actually by brother's dog - I'll be featuring all the Rish family dogs all month.

Patricia - I'd had the "Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground" song in my head all weekend, so that was the inspiration.

Lynne Revette Butler's picture

Brilliant theme for your A to Z blogs;  I am trying to read 10 different blogs from the challenge on each day of  April but I shall definitely 

return to yours later in the month to catch up on your contronyms.

Lynne Revette Butler


Natasha Bing's picture

What a great theme!  Love it :-)

Ruby Wilbur's picture

I can't believe I have never heard of a contronym. This is one of my favorite #atoxchallenge posts so far. Nice!

Shelly Wright's picture

I love the example of the bedazzled belt!

Blogging A to Z Challenge

Amber's picture

What a fabulous theme! I've never heard the word  'contronyms' before now, but absolutely LOVE it!! Good luck with the A to Z!!

S.K.Falls's picture

Awww, look at the sweet pup! :) I love contronyms. I've become obsessed with them since you introduced them to me. I blame you!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Lynne - Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you around these parts again.

Natasha - Thank you!
Ruby - Aww, shucks - thank you!
Shelly - It's pretty snazzy, isn't it?
Amber - I felt the same way when I first learned about them.
S.K. - Chloe is a sweetie. I know, contronyms are fascinating! 
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