Why Babblings of a Boob Tube Junkie?

When I first dipped my toes into the scary waters of interacting with people on the internet, it was in forums that talked about television shows.  I needed a screen name that properly displayed my intense devotion to watching TV, so BoobTubeJunkie was born.  I liked the way it sounded, and it certainly described me.  Seriously, no sane person should watch as much television as I do.  Hmmm, I guess that gives you a sneak peek into the state of my mental stability. 

Anyway, I began frequenting other forums, and I used the same screen name since it seemed to fit me so well.  I’ve now made a lot of great friends in cyberspace using that name, so I wanted to carry a part of it with me as I embarked on this new blogging adventure.  And since I will be talking about all kinds of things, I think that definitely qualifies as babbling.  Besides, I love me some alliteration.  So there you have it: Babblings of a Boob Tube Junkie.

And Away We Go!

For a writer, I’m getting a really late start with this whole personal blog thing.  I didn’t think I had enough clout to blog about the craft of writing, and there were already so many people out there blogging about writing in funny and creative ways; but I kept hearing platform, platform, platform, so I decided it was time to put on my big girl panties and take the plunge. 

It’s not my first blogging experience, since I’ve been writing the blog posts for the movie I made with my brother called Saying Goodbye.  But making a movie is interesting and exciting, so that’s easy to blog about.  I fear my own life is far less fascinating . . . some might even call it snooze worthy. 

Since my boring life is not enough to interest any readers other than my immediate family, the focus of “Babblings of a Boob Tube Junkie” will be on exploring the magic of stories.  The stories we read.  The stories we watch on the big and small screens.  The stories we write, and the ways that we write them.  And if something interesting does happen in my life, then I’ll share that story as well.  Thank you for stopping by!